Find a Suit, Wear with Confidence


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Angelina Jolie (in Saint Laurent) and Brad Pitt (in Valentino) at the 2014 BAFTAs Red Carpet at the Royal Opera House in London

Source: 2014 BAFTA Red Carpet Arrivals



Moving in a New Direction


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As of today, I’m happy to say we’re moving the LVD concept (once again) in a new direction. I think you all will like what we have planned far better. Meanwhile, make sure to give some feedback on the look of our new landing page!

Women in Congress, No Suits?


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State of the Union’s unspoken fashion rule: Women in Congress, dress like gumdrops.

The Washington Post comments on the wide variety of outfits seen on women at the State of the Union address. There is clearly no standard for women (whereas every man is wearing a neutral colored suit). Is this okay?

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Should these political women be dressing so that they stand out in bright orange, red, purple, green, blue, etc.?


Snow Suits


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I couldn’t resist a good pun. As always, suits were on my mind as I saw people running around to interviews and recruitment sessions in the recent snowfall. While suits are great in terms of coverage, a woman needs a classy jacket to go on top!

Side note: I love her tie! Keep your heads up for a tie-focused post in the future.

PS: How many of you have Instagram?? Be sure to follow @lavidador!

Amy Poehler- Powerful Woman, Powerfully Sexy Suit


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Amy Poehler talks about Hollywood, feminism, and social media in her new interview from Elle Magazine. Her ultimate statement comes from the sexy suit worn on the cover:

Amy Poehler cover of Elle

Check out the interview here: Celebrity Spotlight January 30, 2014 Amy Poehler

Clothes make characters on Suits


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Women’s business clothing finally starting to look good thanks to TV. The show Suits is living up to its name.

Cast of Suits

Check out an article about the suits on Suits here:

It’s not surprising that clothing would play an integral role for a TV series, especially when it’s named Suits.


Girl, Please : A Series | #2


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H&M Office Wear

As of this year, a trend that began to make me nervous, excited and disappointed all at once was H&M’s entrance into women’s work wear.

Stage 1: Nervousness

I was nervous because having such a large retailer enter the space LVD would like to go into pitches us in direct competition with them. It would only divide our segmentation further and leave us at a lost price wear against the retail giant.

Stage 2: Excitement

I then became excited because it might mean that the problems I wanted to solve with LVD might be resolved at very cheap prices and decent quality by a large retailer. Even though a business idea would go down the drain, at least I’d have fabulous clothes to wear to work for cheap, right?

Stage 3: Disappointment

I went into H&M for myself to try and and sample the clothing and found the same dilemmas as in the past. Except this time, coupled with extremely poor design and quality.

Lint was queen in the work wear isle and the dresses and slacks I tried on made me feel fat and bloated. Great clothes always make you look better than you do. That’s LVD’s value proposition essentially.

After these 3 stages, I am now at the blogging stage where I share with all of you reasons why I am again disappointed with our so called options in the current market. I’d love to hear what you all think.

So the idea is you can find all you need for the office, from suits to “business casual” attire. This H&M extension could be offering quality suits at crazy cheap prices for women. A dream come true!

What you're promised

What you’re promised

And to some extent, it does accomplish this. For those whose body types fit they designs as well as those who can manage to avoid lint throughout the day, it’s really quite a terrific deal.

However, as you continue browsing, the options become less and less appealing.

Well, it may depend on what kind of work culture you’re coming from. My views are always from a highly professional, white collar perspective. We’re talking high-end consulting and investment banking pre-professional attire. Coming from this background, many other options are really just wrong.

This is embarrassing.

This is embarrassing.

This is just wrong.

This is just wrong.






They offer a floral top that

1. Seems like something my mom would wear at home and 2. is neither fashionable nor professional.

They also offer

some short dresses with designs and fabric that would be somewhat embarrassing to wear in a corporate sphere where it may already be hard enough to be taken seriously as a young female. I don’t understand what the agenda is; perhaps for people looking for fun work wear where the code is casual? But then, why not just wear casual clothing? Why place it under office wear? I’m just very confused and saddened by how mixed up and messed up the execution is. I had so much hope for the women’s work wear section and it’s just been thrown under a blanket.