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According to market research firm Emarketer, online sales of apparel and accessories are now growing faster than any other e-commerce product segment (20 percent per year). By 2016, the category will account for $73 billion worth of online purchases in the us alone, just over 20 percent of all online retail sales.

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Some people say that e-commerce is not the right avenue for suiting, especially for women. But considering that women make up more than 45% of online shoppers, I don’t see what the problem could be. I think the future problem to resolve will be guaranteeing fit and reducing uncertainty for online shoppers. But it by no means signals that people don’t want to shop online. People definitely like shopping online. They only hate it when it’s more or equally stressful as going in store. An online platform offers convenience, and for that, some shoppers would be willing to pay a premium. Those are the clients LVD is focused on serving.