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When men wear their pants and shirts, you can tell when they have over the top, round bellies. But it doesn’t look sloppy. It doesn’t look messy. They can more or less get away with it.

business-attire-dressWhen women wear skirts and shirts, you can tell literally every imperfection that exists on their abdomen. Why? Because women have a greater fat percentage than men? This can’t be the only reason.

As someone who’s an average 5’4″ and relatively slender but not a perfectly flat stomach (I get food babies when after I eat or drink!), it’s a major frustration. Skirts and dresses announce to the whole world whenever a woman has less than a perfect tummy. And it’s not flattering – it’s not cute. It’s very discouraging and undermines self-esteem. Is there a design that could augment protection for women? There has to be.