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Mark Zuckerberg Wearing a Suit Made Headlines

Why? Not only because he usually wears a hoodie or whatever his comfort choice for the day happens to be. It’s also because this one site had so much criticism to give Mark for his overall look. From the sizing of the jacket to the lack of .5 in cuffs and even that it’s an all-black suit, there was a lot to be said from the article. To the untrained eye, one would just be relieved that he didn’t greet South Korean President Park in a hoodie. But to the trained eye, he looks like a young CEO who hasn’t “friended a talented tailor,” in the words of the writer.

Meanwhile, Park herself sports a pastel yellow, 3/4 sleeve suit. What are our thoughts on that? Would a young, female CEO be allowed to wear something like that? Probably not. But because she’s older and well-respected, we have to accept it.