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One thing I don’t think I will ever forgive modern civilization for the is common abuse of the air conditioner. Cold air in the summer can be a good thing. I mean, it does get pretty stifling, especially here in New York City. However, many buildings just have their temperature control straight up wrong during the summer. How can someone who was just sweating their brows off outside be forced to wear a sweater and scarf inside? It’s ridiculous!


This is what the average office looks like in my head during the summer.


This is how I look to other people during the summer. See the problem here?

One solution I considered was to simply make a blazer or jacket that would be suitable for keeping us warm when we’re feeling cold. Most jackets are lined with silk or synthetic materials that tend to feel cold when you first put it on, especially if it was sitting in cold temperatures for a while earlier. What it be so bad to make a jacket that is essentially an indoor jacket? It’d be lined with something closer to wool or a viscose blend on the inside so that it’d trap heat. It’d be a very special kind of jacket for those of us that tend to freeze easily, but I think it’d be a life saver. I just need to prove there’s a market for it. LVD Fall/Winter lines of a sort, except it’s for whenever. Anyone else second this idea?