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Have you ever noticed how some people’s suits look kind of glossy, gleaming? As through there’s some sort of magic material that’s making their suit and ultimately themselves look very refined and kind of expensive? I’ve always wondered what that material or quality was and how much it would cost me to get that kind of suit. But even more, I’ve wondered where I could get that kind of suit as a young woman.

Doesn't the suit just seem to be glowing? The tie as well! It's a very expensive look.

Do you see that sheen? The tie as well! It’s a very expensive look.

After these fleeting thoughts, I then reflect on the fact that I probably couldn’t afford this look as it’s probably quite expensive – maybe upwards of $600? And sometimes it is. When a silk or high grade wool suit is processed in certain way, it can have sheen that the one above has.

But there’s also a different sort of shine that comes with owning a suit, and it’s not a good one. It comes from hard wear of your suit week after week. Here is some quoted advice on ways to reduce the chances of a damagingly shiny suit:

1) Don’t scoot on the suit seat. You have to sit down, but don’t slide on the seat.

2) Don’t lean your elbows on your desk (or on a bar after work). This just take an effort of remembering.

3) Get your rotation of suits to be no more than once a week.

4) After each wear, brush the suit good and hang on a good wooden suit hangar. JAB sells some pretty good ones for $15 each.

5) Using a steamer or a good steam iron, press your suit after every two wears or after every wear if you are unusually hard on your suits. Never put an iron directly on the material. Use a pressing cloth. An iron such as T-Fal which coninuously emits steam can be held just above the material surface to steam out wrinkles. Then use a pressing cloth to finish up.

6) Don’t dry clean more than once per season.

7) Don’t buy high super numbers. Buy 85s or 100s. these are much less likely to wrinkle and endure harsher treatment.Hope this helps. Even expensive suits will shine if the material is not hardy or is not properly cared for.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, but its’ one of those things that you’ll know when you get there. Hope that’s helpful for preventing this issue for as long as you can!