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There are quite a number of bespoke start ups that’ve been popping up in the last two years – for men. Apparently it’s been fueled by a Mad Men and Hollywood-led trend to look good in your 20s and 30s without breaking the bank.

Justin Timberlake reps the Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake reps the Suit & Tie

It’s fascinating because on one hand, I’m happy that so many men are again interested in looking sharper than ever. And while the suit is a piece that men can pretty much whip out whenever they feel like looking good…it’s a uniform that seems to have gotten kicked out of the women’s club. I mean, it’s nice to wear a dress and pair it with the right shoes and all goes well, but suiting is often non-negotiable. If women continue shying away from suits, instead of tacking the problem, it will one day attack us. The sooner we realize that a suit doesn’t have to be a bulky, ugly thing, the better.

Once this culture change comes about, I think bespoke suiting will be even more popular for women than it is for men because simply put, women have more to consider when it comes to suiting. So technically, we should be the avid-suiters, but I guess life is often ironic in that way.