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Take care of your suit! Is it currently stuffed in closet or crammed into luggage? Take it out; show some respect! Love your suit tonight and it will love you more tomorrow morning when you want to wear it ladies.

Here is some much needed advice from Australian Tailor.com on how to keep your suit looking fresh for longer:

Your suit is unique, tailored to your measures and therefore needs your particular attention. 

First tip, empty your pockets before storing your suit. Never leave anything in them if not necessary. Opt for a hanger instead of the back of the chair. Keep one in your car. Preferably don’t drive with your jacket on or if you cannot take off your jacket while driving, just unbutton it. Please don’t [sit] on it. Same rule when you sit anywhere else. Also just before sitting, pulling your pants up at the thigh just a little will avoid stretching the fabric too much.

DRY CLEANINGEven if you are not wearing it everyday or often, your suit requires to be dry cleaned at least once a season. Choose a reputable dry cleaner and clean when it is really necessary. Sometimes a pressing or a steaming will do fine so don’t opt for dry cleaning systematically. If stained, do not wait any longer and spot clean rapidly.

 HANGING YOUR SUITEspecially Wool needs air but generally all suits will need to breathe after wearing them. Avoid sunny or humid spots of course. When you hang them, choose wooden hangers giving your suit the perfect shape. Also give them space. Leave a couple of centimeters between suits and other clothing you want to store together. You can opt for a breathable garment bag while hanged.

 BRUSHING YOUR SUITUse a firm bristled brush and brush your suit before wearing it and before storing it. If you are not wearing your suit for a couple of weeks, take a few minutes and brush it.

 RESTING YOUR SUITYou wore your suit today? You traveled with your suit in a bag? Your new suit just arrived in a parcel? Rest your suit for three days. It will help to shed wrinkles and your suit will be able to regain its initial shape. This little tip will also help you to keep your suit like new much longer and will avoid you frequent dry cleaning.