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Usually when someone’s talking about investment shoes that cost a ton, they’re talking about heels. But what about flats? Could it be worth it to invest in a pair of flats?

Now, I personally have been killing the same pair of flats for the last 6 years (going on 7!) mostly because I’m too frugal to bother buy a new pair of something that isn’t broken. Yes I get arch pain if I wear them for more than an hour or two and yes water seeps through it in the rain from the sole. But they get me from Point A to Point B, so why should I care to spend more money on a new pair?

I don’t have the answer to that, but I can show you some shoes someone recommended to me – from J. Crew.

Heeled flats - could that even be comfortable??

Heeled flats – could that even be comfortable??

Flats for a few hundred

Flats for a few hundred

Those prices scream, “Don’t buy me!” when I look at them. But maybe my friend was right. Maybe it is worth it to spend money not only on heels that are comfortable but also flats that can be worn into the office and are comfortable for hours.

  1. You never know when you’ll need them

  2. You don’t have to rely on your flip flops to get you to work (I did that last summer; doesn’t fly with managers)

  3. They’re relatively easy to carry around

    • On that note, this highlights why I don’t like bothering with investment flats in addition to investment heels. If I can’t wear my investment heels all day and have to change into investment flats, then what am I investing in?? It doesn’t make sense, and I don’t want to have to switch. It’s a pain and guys don’t have to do it so why can’t it fly for me, too?

Well, I think this thought will continue for a while but if anyone runs into real investment heels or flat shoes that look good with slacks, let me know!

Happy Monday!