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Chiffon [shi-fon] is one of many naturally sexy fabrics out there. It’s often used in bridal gowns due to its softness, light airy texture and ease of manipulation.
In business wear, chiffon is often used for beautiful blouses and sometimes dresses. Rather than the pains of dealing with the traditional button down shirt, I would recommend searching for blouses that are sleek, beautiful and can be paired with your skirt or pantsuit. It’ll give you the feel of beauty and femininity while still maintaining that fierce, professional look. And it makes sense! Especially in warmer temperature, it’s more comfortable to wear a material like silk chiffon which can absorb up to 11% of its own weight in moisture!
 I’m really looking forward to working with chiffon; there are already a ton of great shells and blouses a lady can use under her blazer, but why send you off to another store to buy your blouse when you can buy a really cute on at ours, right?