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…but probably don’t right now. Women just don’t get as much media coverage for being CEO or president as they would for other things. But it’s okay. We love them for being leaders and hope there will be more! And we also want to see how they’re wearing their titles (the fascinating part). Without further adieu…

Angela Merkel

  • Chancellor, Germany
  • She tends to wear plain, traditional suits, too. In various colors. I think it’s safe to say that this is what the young, modern woman doesn’t want. They neither flatter her figure nor highlight her femininity. In fact, they look rather drab on her. She almost looks tired. I wonder how she’d look with a Veni Vici suit on? (Humor me for a moment.)

Dilma Rousseff

  • President, Brazil
  • She also wears a lot of plain suits but it seems like she wears patterns in hers as well.

Melinda Gates

  • Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

She also wears traditional suits but they’re more flattering on her. The material of her suits are more sleek and remind us of the modern-day, male suit. She one wore a green suit-like piece that I find intriguing – but I can’t really say too much more about it. Read the caption for more details.

Safra Katz

  • CFO, Oracle
  • Gallery of pictures: here
  • Mostly traditional suiting as well; tailored pieces and occasional color included.

Geun-hye Park

  • President, South Korea

Ursula Burns

  • President & CEO, Xerox
  • Slideshow of pictures here: Gallery
  • Traditional suiting, not quite fitted but works for her and isn’t unflattering.

Take-away: The standards for women, even on top levels, are on a scale. You would never see a powerful man wearing an ill-fitting outfit out of the ’90s or wearing the same thing in 10 colors. But we see our women doing that. This highlights an issue. I hope that Veni Vici will, in addition to providing apparel, also set a standard for what is acceptable suiting for the modern day woman so that no one will have an excuse for looking less than what they could look like – without emptying the bank.

Meanwhile, read more about these wonderful ladies on Forbes.com