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Astor & Black men in suits

Astor & Black men in suits

It’s really as though men are the only ones that can pull of the fierce suited look. Why do we have that thought and where does it come from?

Soon into the future, somewhere within the next 5 years, it really is my dream that I’ll be able to find a campaign that’s even better than the one above – but with women, yes, in suits! Why not? I mean, just looking around online, there’s a lot of text and images that perpetuate the idea that women either look too “masculine” or just don’t look as great in suits as men can. Why is that?


Source: flickr.com via GVSU on Pinterest


In the case of the young woman above, she just isn’t wearing a well-fitted suit it seems. Is it too much work to go to the tailor? Or is it daunting? What could happen in the clothing industry to make suiting up less intimidating and more appealing to women, especially young women? The 5 things mentioned that are “wrong” with the young woman on the left, are they really “wrong”?

Are the pain of heels worth “looking” better all the time? Is the blustering wind of the north east a match against bare legs? Are there no button down shirts that could look more appealing without looking too masculine? And what in the world is wrong about not wearing makeup??

I’ll take the next 3-4 blog posts to focus on each of these details because they each deserve a very special sort of attention. Meanwhile, as the weekend comes to a close and you’re all headed off to happy hour, think about women – what a good looking woman in comfortable business attire looks like or would look like to you.

Happy Thursday!