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Changing from sneakers to heels and back to sneakers after work makes me feel like I just lost an ounce of attractiveness. I wouldn’t want anyone from the office to see me in a pant suit and…Sketchers

It’s difficult though because shoes aren’t usually too comfortable, even for men! So what can the commuting woman do?

For those who drive, it’s not too difficult; it’s just a matter of changing in the car. Especially in places where you cannot walk into the building in casual shoes, a car would come in handy. Otherwise, you have to do it on the street or in the train station or perhaps find a bathroom nearby and change in there. It’s such a hassle and it looks so unattractive – how?

  • Your long slacks become too  long and it bunches on top of itself when you wear something different
  • Unless you have flats, the alternate show usually doesn’t even match with the colors of your outfit
  • What if you are going out after work for drinks? Or if there’s a company dinner? The questions never end


It takes us back to the question of what comfy heels are – maybe we should all just stick with flats. Maybe.

Someone bumps into you and you drop your flats – not classy, not classy at all