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Alright so it’s not quite a pants on the ground-type of problem but…it’s pretty embarrassing.

Everyone knows when I’m talking about. When you think you’ve finally gotten your life together, you have the right shirt, the right slacks and even a blazer and blouse – you really believe you’re ready to go. But then you turn around to look at your rear in the mirror and ahhh!

How is my underwear showing through my slacks? (the lining of your underwear that is) Apparently it’s called VPL (Visible Panty Line)

And it’s real. It’s a real issue. The dilemma more or less stems from the type of underwear you choose to wear with your slacks. If your underwear is chuck (thick), your pants are thin material or your underwear just doesn’t fit properly (it’s too tight), then you will face this issue. So fortunately, it’s not an impossible problem. You can get rid of it, so please try to.

You can also avoid the issue by always wearing skirts or dresses, but on those cold winter days you’ll probably want to wear slacks anyway.