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We’ve all seen it a million times. From many stores, at many price points. It makes you want to double check with your smartphone – what year is it?? Yep. Still 2013. So why in the world are there such ridiculous flare pants still being sold for work wear? Why?

Well, that’s simply because sometimes when you’re a little round at the booty or a bit wide at the waist, it’s not always flattering to put on something like this and look cute.

Usually ends up looking a little more like:

Taken from thepearshape.com

And no one wants that.

There are times you want to show off – working at the office is just not one of those times.

So for women with curves or other issues with pants, how do you feel about flare pants? Do they resolve the issue of not accentuating body parts too heavily or do they just feel clumsy? What’s your favorite kind of fit?