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Marie Claire Article "Do Comfy Heels Really Exist?"

Marie Claire Article “Do Comfy Heels Really Exist?”

I once said brought up this term to one of my guy friends and he started at me like I was saying something funny while I was very serious.

I need to find some comfy heels for my internship this summer

The way he looked at me basically meant he didn’t believe comfy heels existed. Of course, right away, I assumed he was just being himself. I’d always seen advertisements and commercials about comfortable work heels and when you Google it, you’re redirected to well-known sites like Today.com and Marie Claire magazine. So it has to be a real thing, right?

I thought about it for a second.

And after thinking, I couldn’t help but feel cheated. As if we didn’t have enough issues putting together something cool to wear, we then have to worry about shoes and comfort. From Calvin and Anne Klein, Nine West, Easy Spirit, Coach, Nike Air Technology, there’s always something or someone new that thinks they’ve figured out how to make heels more comfortable. Perhaps it’s time we just admit that they were never meant to be comfortable?

Even though heels definitely look better with a suit or general office wear, I think I’d rather avoid wearing it altogether if possible. So maybe instead of being on a quest for the perfect heels, we should start looking for the best flats. There are a lot of issues to address with flats and office wear. You want to be comfy and professional without looking like you’re 15 years old. And so, the journey continues.

After all, part of the fun of the comfortable heel hunt is the many pairs you have to buy and try to find the perfect ones.
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