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Too Formal in Some Contexts?

We’ve all heard it. During a career fair: business casual attire please! Or maybe a week before a presentation for a finance or management class. Business casual attire.

And it always turns out the same. The day of, some people are dressed to the max (more so guys than girls).

Obviously, you think to that guy, that’s business formal!

But what about the ladies? How casual is casual enough – without being too casual? I know when I think business casual I think of Ann Taylor, Gap, stores that allow you to mix and match fun styles while still managing to look professional and not too cute. This is what comes to my mind:


Too Casual?

Too Casual?

Not Attractive?

Not Attractive?


A plethora of options that tend to confuse people altogether and eventually leads some poor woman to the wrong path altogether. The other concern is price: the Ann taylor top and pant alone cost $136 – without the blazer or shoes. That’s pretty pricey for business casual.

Rather, the way I’d deal with business casual is to remove the blazer from your business formal. It’s not the most exciting way to do it, but it allows flexibility from meeting to meeting, keeps you looking fresh and professional without running into ‘too casual’ zone.

Traditional Ideas of Business Casual for Men/Women